19 . Agender . Artist/Animator
"Art is more than just a drawing!"

Hello, I'm Shadow! My name's really not supposed to sound like an edgy kid from 2009 Deviantart but it's what I chose!









My gender identity is Agender, and I go primarily by They/Them.I fall under the Trans/Nonbinary umbrella as FTA (Female to Agender)I have been trying out a few xenogenders/neopronouns but they're not my go-to and I probably won't 100% realise you're talking about/to me unless we are friends.

I am a sex repulsed Asexual.
I am also Aromantic, In that I don't form an attraction or crush to anyone, or I don't seek out relationships.
Despite this, I have constantly had bisexual (feminine leaning) thoughts for queerplatonic relationships... with only fictional characters.Yeah, weirdly enough I have never felt feelings for anyone ever in real life, but characters in fiction, such as game, comic, or show characters have somehow always made me feel emotions like:"I really want to be friends with them, I'd want to be roommates with them in a house forever. I'd love to watch movies and fall asleep on each other's shoulders."


I have been professionally diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, and Anxiety.I have also slowly come to the realization I show many signs of Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria.RSD basically causes me to believe many people may find me very irritating/annoying just for being me. I am constantly afraid of making people upset or that things I do may be something someone I am friends with hates.

Xenogenders and Neopronouns

My main gender is Agender with They/Them pronouns.
I may not find it certainly clear if you're speaking to me or about me when using these neopronouns unless we're friends and agree to use them since I haven't used them often. Despite this, I'd like to give them a chance. I don't mean to seem like I'm hoarding but they feel like a good idea.
Pronouns page
My current xenogenders/neopronouns are:
Clowngender / Clownhonum
Zombiegender / Zombzgender
Rabiespunk / Autigender (These are for neurodivergent self-acceptance.)